Founder & Chairman, Investor

Andrei has over a decade of C-Suite advisory experience with multiple businesses; he focuses on business strategy, development, M&A consulting, and buy/sell representation in commercial and industrial real estate deals. He supports a variety of nonprofits including a prison ministry in Austin, Texas and orphanages in Bucharest, Romania.


Tyler Fischella 

Vice Chairman, Co-Founder, Investor

Tyler is a technical consultant at Google with over 5 years spent in SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS; he helps some of the world's largest companies on the fortune 500 list overcome their digital and IT challenges. Tyler also holds 2 years of experience in U.S. Federal Politics, as well as 5 years of investment experience focused entirely on the NASDAQ.


Aaron Bostick

Co-Founder, Investor

Aaron is the founder of, a tele-center solution, with more than 25 years of software development experience, big data analytics, as well as deep knowledge of telecom and low latency networking. Aaron also brings 10 years of multi-disciplinary investment experience across real estate, crypto currency, NASDAQ equities, etc.

Blaise Restovic headshot.jpg

Blaise Restovic

Co-Founder, Investor

Blaise is an investor, trader, and consultant, specializing in speculative assets. His background includes the study of neuroscience, behavioral psychology, sociology, and interdependent complex systems.


Joseph White

Co-Founder, Investor

Joseph White is a self-taught software engineer, a serial entrepreneur, and a savvy investor. His investment focus is in real estate. Joseph’s hobbies include world history and business philosophy.